While severe weather will seem to subside, flooding will take the stage this weekend. Heavy rain will spread across the Eastern half of the country before soaking the coast on Mother’s Day this Sunday. With this rain will also move chillier air into the Northeast coming into the start of next week.

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Significant Risk for Flooding and Excessive Rainfall Over TX and Southeast:

  1. Heavy rain will continue today along a stalled front that stretches from TN down to the Lower Mississippi Valley and eastern TX. A total of 4-6″ of rain fell last night over the Southeast, and more will come going into the weekend.
  2. Packed with potent Gulf moisture, this stationary front is ready to drop an additional 2-3″ over the Gulf Coast today. Rain will continue this morning, all the way into Saturday.
  3. Many places in this area have been experiencing flooding since last night, when heavy rainfall rates up to 2″/hour drenched the region. Areas in southern and eastern TX, along the Mississippi River, and along the LA coast will continue to experience a significant flash flood risk, as well as prolonged river flooding into next week.
  4. As this weekend progresses, our front will slowly move precipitation to the Northeast, where it will drop the rest of it’s moisture over the Mid-Atlantic, Central Appalachians, and Lower Great Lakes.

Heavy Rain Moves Towards the Coast:

  1. Storms and showers that moved in last night will continue into tonight before moving off the coast. Tomorrow, our front will stall in the Southeast, but the story is not the same to the north. Without blocking, this weekend’s cold front will continue to inch eastwards, soaking the coast by Mother’s Day this Sunday.
  2. Up to 3″ of rain is expected to fall over parts of the region in total by the end of the weekend. The heaviest rain for the Northeast will also come today, with 1-2″ expected by the end of the day. Some thunderstorms may increase local totals.
  3. Additional rainfall up to an inch will fall Sunday into Monday, putting a damper on many Mother’s Day plans. On the bright side, most of the rain should hold off until the mid-to-late afternoon, when precipitation moves into PA and Western NY around 3-4pm. Rain will continue overnight, finally ending early Monday and leaving us with some clearer skies.

Cooler Air Moves in this Weekend:

  1. With our blocking high over the South continuing to weaken, colder air will more easily make its way into the Northeast, cooling temperatures well into the start of next week.
  2. Our first round of cooling will happen today, as rain finishes moving through the region. This won’t be a huge difference, with highs only dropping a few degrees Saturday.
  3. As our second cold front moves through, colder air will make its way through. Temperatures will struggle to reach the 60s Sunday and Monday afternoon, and drop into the 40s and even high 30s.
  4. Temperatures will continue to stay below average into the first half of next week, before bounding back up with an overall pattern change.

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Kathleen is a Meteorologist at WeatherOptics, where she works writing content for the website, providing accurate and detailed forecasts to clients, and consulting on various meteorological projects. Kathleen earned her B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in 2018 from Stony Brook University. Kathleen has also done research into our changing climate by investigating theRole of Atmospheric Rivers on Arctic Amplification in 2017.

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